Spooky Free Use

Claire Roos and Clemence Audiard in Spooky Free Use

Claire Ross is getting ready for a Halloween party with her best friend Clemence Audiard. They are hosting the get together and all of their friends from college will be in attendance. The house is all decorated and the Jack O Lanterns are prepared. It is almost time to get into their costumes when Clemence’s boyfriend shows up. He has just come from work and likes the way they have decorated the house. What he likes even more is the way Claire looks. While still talking to his girlfriend, he whips out his cock and lets the blonde suck on it. Claire is part of their relationship as a Free Use fuck lover. Her holes are his to use any time he wants and he wants them right now in front of his girlfriend. Clemence discusses the details of the part with her man while watching him stuff his dick into Claire’s readily available holes. The pretty blonde offers her opinions on the design for the pumpkins while getting her portion of the satisfaction. They have to stop to get changed into their costumes, so he follows them into the bedroom. Clemence helps slip Claire into her fishnet stockings while her boyfriend slips into Claire’s juicy twat. She is too busy being fucked to get dressed, so her friend has to put on her skirt and top and then slip some heels onto her feet. All the way, Clemence’s man stuffs his meat into Claire. It is time to put the finishing touches on her naughty fetish school costume, so Clemence does her friend’s hair in pigtails, finishing them just in time for her man to shoot a huge load of spunk all over that cute face. He is done for now, but will probably take advantage and use her again later. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Claire Roos and Clemence Audiard. (Video duration: 50:28)

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