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Alyssa Bounty in Alyssa Bounty For OnlyTarts

Ever since you started college this semester you have been obsessed with your classmate Alyssa Bounty. She is beautiful and very quiet. You have not dared to speak to her, but you have heard things. You heard she works on the weekend at a BDSM club as a dancer with very specific outfits and kinks. With no idea if it is true or not, you can’t help but imagine her in black leather, with a whip, her body exposed, waiting to tease and please. Every time you see her in class, your mind wanders to her nearly naked on a bed, waiting, telling you what to do. Ordering you into a chair because you are not worthy of touching her perfect flesh. No touching is allowed, but you get to watch as she bends over and shows off her spectacular ass. It drives you crazy to be restricted to just watching, but even that is amazing. Watching her run her fingers up and down her thighs, seeing them pinch her nipples to make them stand up even more. She knows you want her and loves the fact that you just get to sit and watch. In your wordless fantasy she watches as you take out your cock and start to stroke in time with her playful fingering. Her pink pussy lips spread open and her whole body is just so inviting. She throws her feet high in the air and begs you with her eyes. Begs you to stroke faster, to pump harder, to show her how much you want her with a big load of cream. You better do what she says. You don’t want her to be disappointed. (Video duration: 17:13)

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