Milka Way and Hot Pearl For OnlyTarts

Milka Onyx and Hot Pearl in Milka Way and Hot Pearl For OnlyTarts

Hot Pearl and Milka Onyx (a.k.a. Milka Way) have come up with a special arrangement with their professor. They show up once a week to have some naughty fun with him and they get passing grades without having to study. It works out well for everyone. He has some specific desires and likes the girls dressed in very skimpy and slutty outfits. The more they get together, the more they find themselves turned on by how they look and feel in their clothes. Before this semester, neither of them had been with another girl, but the Professor loves it when his two favorite student sluts play together. This has led to an awakening of lesbian desires in the two sexy coeds. As they are getting ready for this week’s session, they decide not to wait. They get started without the professor, kissing and touching each other. Hot Pearl never dreamed that dressing so slutty would make her horny. Shy Milka Onyx (a.k.a. Milka Way) never thought that kissing another girl would drive her insane with desire. But both are true and the girls know just how to tease and please each other. By the time he shows up, the girls are in the middle of some very intimate pleasures. He doesn’t want to stop them and instead sits down to watch. The girls don’t stop as he starts to stroke his cock. They love eating each other and he knows that will only make them wetter for what’s to come. When they are finished they look up to find him hard and ready to fuck their willing young pussies. Just what everyone needs to make them happy. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Milka Onyx (a.k.a. Milka Way) and Hot Pearl. (Video duration: 22:49)

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