Gold Digger Gets What She Deserves

Olivia Sparkle in Gold Digger Gets What She Deserves

Olivia Sparkle is hot and she knows it. It isn’t conceited when it’s the truth. She can get any guy she wants and have anything that she wants. What she likes to do is find the hottest guys who can buy her the best things. Some people don’t like it, but too bad. She knows what she is worth and only guys who spoil her get to enjoy all that she has to offer. When she runs into a basic guy on the street, Olivia wants nothing to do with him. No need to waste time on someone who can’t afford to keep her happy. She is about to leave when she notices the guy is getting into a very expensive sports car. Now she has time for him and accepts when he offers her a ride. He is worried she only likes him for the car, but she assures him that she is very attracted to him. There is one way for her to show him how sincere she is. She bends over the hood of his car and lifts her dress to give him access to her tight pussy. That is a good start and he is very to see how quickly she gets on her knees to obediently suck his throbbing prick. He likes what she can do with her mouth, but if she wants to be spoiled, she needs to do more than just give a good head. Olivia lets him bend her over the car and fuck her tight pussy raw. He makes her work hard for it, and Olivia is up to the challenge, riding and grinding on his cock just the way he likes it. He wants to cum in her mouth and even though she never lets guys do that, she opens up for her new sugar daddy and takes his load. Now that she is covered in his cum, he kicks her to the curb. Who needs a gold-digging slut anyway? (Video duration: 46:05)

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