Eva Barbie For OnlyTarts

Eva Barbie in Eva Barbie For OnlyTarts

Eva Barbie has always been a sweet, quiet girl. A good student and a hard worker, she has never been very daring. Her recent relationship with a sexy older man has helped her come out of her shell a bit. He is experienced and has helped her broaden her horizons in many ways. One of the things he has taught her is that it is OK to dress sexy. Before him, she considered certain outfits too revealing or even too “slutty” for her to wear. He started buying her such outfits and she found that wearing them in front of him made him very aroused. They also make her feel pretty, sexy, turned on, and yes, even a bit slutty but even that gets to her these days. One of her favorite things to do is to go shopping for sexy outfits to wear for him. His reaction is always amazing and these shopping trips have started to turn Eva on almost as much as the sex she has with her man. Today’s package has a lovely pink outfit that includes heels, fishnets, and a choker that feels so good around her neck. She puts it on and checks herself in the mirror. It looks great on her and she can immediately feel her pussy getting wet. Pulling up her dress, Eva starts rubbing her pussy thinking about how her boyfriend is going to react to her in this slutty outfit. She knows how much he loves it and is certain that he will fuck her like the naughty slut she is. As her fingers slide in and out, she can almost feel his big hard cock fucking her. With her sweet juices all over her hand, she calls her man and tells him to come right over. (Video duration: 11:53)

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