Hot Pearl And Mia Grandy For OnlyTarts

Hot Pearl and Mia Grandy in Hot Pearl And Mia Grandy For OnlyTarts

Hot Pearl and Mia Grandy met on their first day of college. The roommates were both very good students and came from sheltered homes. They quickly became friends and realized that they had a lot in common. Beyond their similar upbringing, both girls were very sexual with a kink for getting dressed up in super-slutty clothes that their parents would never approve of. At first, they shared outfits and helped each other perfect their naughty looks. Before long they found themselves drawn to one another. They started having dress-up dates where they would model new outfits for each other and admire the naughty looks. Their sessions got longer and longer with several outfit changes and oftentimes were followed up by intense masturbation when they were alone. Sex with another girl was new to them both, but the sexy outfits, the forbidden naughty side, and their mutual attraction made hooking up inevitable. Their play dates have become more intense and far more frequent of late. Dressing up and having sex with each other has become the most important thing in their lives. Who needs to date when you have a perfect partner already at home? They are learning so much about each other and themselves. Playing and cumming is a lot more fun than classes. Slutty clothes and masturbation was a lot of fun alone. Together, they get to dress up, turn one another on, and then feel the warm touch of another gorgeous girl. While their studies have suffered, they are enjoying reaching new heights together. Why would they ever want to stop? Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Hot Pearl and Mia Grandy. (Video duration: 17:02)

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