Dream Team For OnlyTarts

Lya Cutie and Liz Ocean with Milancheek in Dream Team For OnlyTarts

Alexis Wilson and her three best friends: Liz Ocean, Lya Cutie, and Milancheek hit the stores early for the big holiday sales. They spent hours going through a dozen shops and came home with bags of new outfits. One of the stores they spent time in specializes in sexy lingerie and Alexis suggests they all try on what they bought and model it for each other before wearing it for their boyfriends. Everyone is in a good mood, so they agree to try them on and Alexis is very happy with what she sees. The other girls share her feelings and they all stare awkwardly at each other for a bit. As the sexual tension in the room rises, Alexis makes the first move, grabbing one of her friends and passionately kissing her. The other girls follow suit and soon all four of them are making out and helping each other get out of the sexy new clothes they just tried on. A few of the girls have played around before, but not together and Alexis had no idea her friends would take to lesbian sex so quickly. It is a pleasant surprise, however. She had hoped to maybe get one of her friends to go along, but instead, she was getting her pussy licked by all three. The girls are just as happy as she is, taking turns making out and licking one another to climax. Their boyfriends are in for a great time when they get home with their new hot clothes, but today’s post-shopping sex is all about girl time. And it is a good time to be had by all four of these horny hotties. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Lya Cutie, Liz Ocean, Milancheek and Alexis Wilson. (Video duration: 27:42)

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