Backdoor Delivery

Eva Barbie in Backdoor Delivery

Everyone who knows Eva Barbie knows that she is a good girl. A good student, a good friend, kind and loving to everyone she meets. That is just fine with her, but she also feels unfulfilled. There is a side of her that no one sees. A wild side where her imagination takes her to all kinds of naughty places. She is unsure if anyone will like this side of her so she keeps it to herself. Eva takes herself shopping for sexy outfits and knows just how to pleasure herself. Sometimes she even takes videos as she gets dressed up and masturbates. She is in the middle of one such session when a package gets delivered. Eva doesn’t notice the delivery guy until he has seen the pretty teen cumming wildly on her fingers. She is shocked to see him and moves to cover up as she is embarrassed. Then she notices that he is holding his hard cock. He likes what he sees and she loves that. He is worried she will report him, but instead, she grabs his dick and pulls him inside. Eva has had enough of masturbating and wants to try the real thing. She won’t say a thing as long as he lets her try his big cock. She has never sucked a dick this size and loves the way it fills her mouth. Still wet from her self-pleasure, she is still surprised by how full it makes her feel when he slides it in from behind. Fucking a big dicked stranger is just the kind of slutty thing no one would expect. It turns her on so much that she happily agrees when he wants to put it in her asshole. She has never done that but it feels amazing and has her cumming again in no time. He pulls out and gives her a final special delivery of hot cum all over her face. (Video duration: 45:38)

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