Better Than Your Wife

Lola Heart in Better Than Your Wife

Lola Heart is not used to failing at school. She has always been a straight-A student, but her new college class is just too much for her. Even with private tutoring sessions, she is lost. Though very sheltered, she has heard that some girls in her class get passing grades by doing naughty things with the professor. Though she is innocent, she decides that she has to try to win him over with her body. Her attempts at seduction are awkward since she has never done anything like this. He shoots her down, explaining that while she is beautiful, he only has a thing for specific types. Good girls like Lola just don’t do it for him. Lucky for her, one of her best friends has experience with the professor and prepared her for this meeting. When he is out getting her a drink of water, Lola goes into her backpack and grabs an outfit specifically designed for his kink. When he returns he finds her in a slutty pink outfit complete with a leather collar, “fuck me” high heels, and her hair done in pigtails. He can’t resist her looking like this and sticks his tongue right into her innocent pussy. Spreading out on his wife’s bed, Lola knows she is being just as slutty as her outfit and it feels so good. She loves his tongue on her but wants to taste that big cock of his. It is huge in her mouth, but he seems to love the way she gags on and chokes on it. He turns her around and uses her pigtails as reigns, pulling her back to meet his strokes. Lola is used to boys treating her gently, but she is being fucked hard by him, fucked like a slut her body loves it. As he pulls out and unloads on her face, the professor lets her know that she will get an A in his class so long as she dresses like this every week for a special study session. Lola happily agrees. (Video duration: 49:22)

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