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Sandralyd in Sandralyd For OnlyTarts

Sandralyd is painfully shy and always has been. Recently, she has been visiting a therapist to help her gain confidence and be more social. The doctor has some interesting ideas about what might break her out of her shell and prescribes some unorthodox therapy exercises. After a few sessions, Sadralyd agrees to try and goes home with a bag given to her by her therapist. She gets home and stares into the bag for over an hour before summoning the courage to remove the contents. She lays everything out on the bed, staring at the sexy outfit the doctor gave her. The instructions given to her by the doctor were clear. Wear this super skimpy outfit at home and look in the mirror. Seeing herself dressed in sexy clothes is supposed to make her feel less shy, see how beautiful she is and allow her to explore her inner self. The clothes feel strange and the fishnet stockings are rather itchy, but Sadralyd can see herself in a new way when she is dressed like this. She has never had a boyfriend but can imagine that someone would like seeing her this way. They would like it and perhaps want to get naked and do things like in the porn videos she sometimes watches. She feels herself getting turned on. Though she has masturbated before, Sandralyd cannot recall ever being this wet and horny. Leaning back in her bed, she spreads her legs and imagines men from school, the popular guys, her favorite professor, and random men, all hard for her. All ready to fuck her like her fingers are fucking her tight twat. It feels so good to find release. Maybe next time she will wear the outfit away from home. (Video duration: 13:42)

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