Rika Fane For OnlyTarts

Rika Fane in Rika Fane For OnlyTarts

To the outside world, Rika Fane is the ideal young college student. She gets good grades, is involved in all the right social causes, and has never done anything to embarrass her family. Coming from a very conservative set of parents and a sheltered home, she is the last person anyone would suspect of anything remotely kinky. What they don’t know is that she has developed a secret fetish, one that no one would believe and certainly no one would understand. When Rika is all alone at home, she loves to ditch her boring, conservative clothes and play dress up. Unlike her friends who enjoy cosplaying as their favorite movie or anime characters, Rika likes to find the sluttiest clothes she can find and dress up like the pornstars she has seen. Carefully hiding her secret, she does all of her shopping online. Each week she waits impatiently for a new box to arrive containing an outfit to fuel her forbidden fantasies. This week’s selection is a pink one-piece with a matching fishnet bodysuit and heels. She loves the way the fabric clings to her body and the way dressing this way makes her feel. Just knowing how shocked her friends and family would be to see her this way makes her pussy wet and her clit throb. She just can’t help herself any longer. Her fingers work their way between her lips and right inside. It is warm and wet and each thrust makes her long for more. Her mind races through all sorts of slutty fantasies where she acts the way she is dressed, taking strange cock after strange cock. Maybe someday she will act on these filthy fantasies, but for now, just masturbating in slutty clothes is enough to do the trick. (Video duration: 12:34)

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