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When Penelope Kay left her small town to go to college, she did so as a sheltered and innocent teen. Her parents were very strict and she was educated in prestigious all-girl conservatories. While this prepared her for academic success, she was not at all ready for the social pressures of college, parties, and the attention of young men. As would be expected, she found herself attracted to the guys she went to class with, but found that they often overlooked her because she was so studious and dressed like she was living in a convent. There is one particular classmate who really caught her eye and she wanted to be with him. While she believes strongly that any guy who wants to be with her should like her how she is, she knows that a little change to her wardrobe might help. She orders some clothes from a website recommended by her new friends. She finds the stockings and heels quite sexy and feels different as soon as she slips them on. The tiny top can barely hold her young firm breasts. She has ever thought of showing them off but looking at her new outfit makes her think that her crush might just notice her now. Thinking about how he might react makes her nipples hard and as she slides her hands between her legs she finds that she is wetter than she has ever been. Touching herself has never felt this good. As she cums all over her hands she is sure that he will enjoy the new look and that she will love finally getting her tight holes fucked. (Video duration: 11:28)

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