Watch Me Cheating On You, Liar

Atlanta Moreno in Watch Me Cheating On You, Liar

Atlanta Moreno has been away on a business trip and is excited to be coming home early. She has missed her boyfriend and can’t wait to get him to bed. When she arrives, she is shocked to find stockings and lingerie in her room. Confronting her boyfriend for fucking whores while she was gone, she is skeptical when he tells her that the sexy clothes are a present for her. He left them around the room so she would put them on. She checks the size and finds they will fit her. Perhaps he is telling the truth. He tells her to put them on and do a striptease for him. Atlanta was already horny so she goes along with it. Then she finds some tape that he says is for her to use to tie him up. It is a bit kinky, but she agrees, taping him to their chair. But what is the ball of used tape? He has been cheating after all. Now that he is tied up, he can’t escape or even explain. Atlanta calls her co-worker over. He has a crush on her and even though he is handsome, she turned down his advances on their trip. Now she is going to fuck him right in front of her incapacitated boyfriend. She leans over her man’s lap and sucks her co-worker’s big cock. As she does, she notices that her boyfriend is also hard. No matter how angry she is, she can’t resist his dick and the idea of taking two at once seems perfect. She has them take turns fucking her and loves the way they try to outdo one another. A rough bit of revenge fucking works just fine for her and they reward her with two big loads all over her pretty face. (Video duration: 47:30)

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