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Hazel Moore in Hazel Moore For OnlyTarts

Hazel Moore has been waiting for this moment for weeks. She is a hard-working college student still living with her parents. Her school and work schedule are so busy that she doesn’t have time for a social life. No matter. Hazel has become an expert at pleasing herself with vigorous masturbation sessions. Normally that works out just fine. She has a nice collection of toys that keep her pussy happy. This week has been difficult, however. Both of her parents have been sick and missed work. With no privacy, Hazel has been unable to get herself off and the frustration has mounted quickly. She is very excited when they are both well enough to return to work and she finally has some time to herself. As soon as they are gone, she slips into stockings and an outfit that always makes her feel so sexy. Touching her pussy through her panties, she is instantly in the mood. It has been too long since she has felt pleasure, too long since she has experienced climax and she is not about to slow down the rushing arousal burning between her legs. Slipping the panties aside, she rubs her lips, pulling back her wet fingers and feeling how warm they are. Her mind races through a number of her favorite fantasies as she can feel the long overdue orgasm approaching. She sticks her ass in the air and lets her fingers explore, rubbing, teasing, penetrating until she can’t think straight. Her fingers are dripping wet now and her clit is throbbing. She needs to cum. Images of her favorite sexual things flash through her head as she climaxes. With no one around to hear, she screams out in ecstasy. It is good to be back to her usual routine of self-love. (Video duration: 10:23)

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