Stepdaddy, Look What I Got

Alice Hernandez in Stepdaddy, Look What I Got

Alice Hernandez, the young VR porn model from Japan, is very excited about a package she has been waiting for. She has ordered some sexy new outfits that she can’t wait to wear for her boyfriend. When her stepfather knocks on her door and hands her the parcel she is anxious to try the clothes on so that she doesn’t notice that he is still at her door and can see her. Alice notices you staring and can’t miss the bulge in your pants. Deciding to try on her sexy dress in front of her stepdaddy, she wiggles her ass and teases you. Now that she has your full attention, she changes into another outfit without even trying to cover up. She asks you if you think her boyfriend will want to fuck her when he sees her in this outfit. Instead of answering, you pull out your cock and show her how big and hard it is. That is all the hint she needs and Alice starts giving you the best blowjob of your life. Your dick feels so good in her mouth that she can’t wait to have it in her tight pussy. The VR taboo factor has you throbbing and ready for her other holes. You grab her hips and thrust into her from behind, filling her with your fat meat. Her pussy is so much tighter than your wife’s that you are ready to cum in moments. She turns around, thinking that you fuck her better than any of her boyfriends ever has. You know you need to pull out, but she feels too good and doesn’t slow down when she feels you shaking. your load shoots into her pussy. Who cares that you aren’t wearing a condom? Who cares that she has a date with her boyfriend later? This is the way things are going to be from now on (Video duration: 37 min)

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