Konnichiwa! Look What I Have For You!

Ciel Tokyo in Konnichiwa! Look What I Have For You!

Ever since her mother remarried, Ciel Tokyo, a hot Japanese VR pornstar, has been trying to get her stepfather’s attention. Though she looks innocent, the nineteen-year-old coed has learned two things during her first year in college. First, boys like girls who look like her but know how to be filthy. And second, she prefers handsome old men with dirty minds to horny young college boys. Alone with her mother’s husband, Ciel tells you that she has something to show you, but you must close your eyes for the surprise. When you look, you find Ciel dressed in a sexy anime dress that shows off her lovely body. She looks like a girl from your favorite VR taboo movies. She is pleased to see that you don’t turn away and get on her knees to beg you to let her demonstrate how much she wants you and how good she is with her mouth. It may be wrong, but you take out your cock and Ciel is delighted to see that it is throbbing hard for her. She grabs it in one hand and stuffs him into her mouth. You can’t believe how well she sucks it. Ciel wants to know if she does it better than her mother and is happy to hear that she is the best little cocksucker you have ever had. Turning her around, you use her pigtails as handles and pull her body back to take every inch of your big dick. She is so tight, but wet enough that you are able to fill her up with every stroke. It feels so good that you can’t stop until it is too late and you have filled her up with a big load of hot creamy cum. This is just the first time for you. There are sure to be many more to come. (Video duration: 36 min)

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