Kama Oxi For OnlyTarts

Kama Oxi in Kama Oxi For OnlyTarts

After months of watching her social media accounts stuck with zero growth, Kama Oxi is looking for something to jump-start them. She had great success early with her baking videos and a number of her cake creations went viral. Lately, she has been struggling to gain followers. Every day she is asked to be sexier, to wear hot outfits and give them more and more. She finally decides to give them what they want. Kama does some shopping for sexy lingerie and does her makeup to match the popular sexy content creators. She feels completely out of place dressed this way in front of her cakes, but the clothes do make her feel sexy. After a few poses, she became less nervous and tried her best to be like the other content creators. Posing near her latest cake, she bends over and shows off her ass in fishnets and a little thong that leaves little to the imagination. As she climbs up next to the cake, she knows that all eyes will be on her body rather than her creation, but she doesn’t mind. If they want to look at her and want her, fine. And if that makes her turned on, well that’s fine too. She is feeling so comfortable and horny that she pulls the top off and plays with her sniff nipples. This won’t work for content, but it feels too good to stop. The thought of her followers seeing her naked is really getting to her. She wants to keep going until she cums. It feels so good being bad and the thought of her being watched pushes her over the edge. Maybe it is time for some even naughtier content. (Video duration: 14:53)

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