Hot Boss Teaches A Nasty Foot Lesson

Alyssa Reece in Hot Boss Teaches A Nasty Foot Lesson

Typing away furiously with her bright cherry red nails on her keyboard as she dangles her gorgeous foot with her sexy ruby red painted high heels, Alyssa is very upset with her employee as she slams papers down, demanding a better caffeine beverage. Too bad her sexy high heels and perfectly painted toes keep distracting him from doing his job correctly. Fortunately, Alyssa has a naughty idea up her sleeve to teach this employee a lesson. First, she unstraps her heels to show off her smooth, soft soles, flexing those pedicured feet, rubbing them sensually back and forth, feeling their softness and tenderness. She even places her fingers deep in between each toe as she flexing and fidgets with them back and forth. While her employee is away, she slides on a tight silver bodysuit with holes in it all over her gorgeous, sexy body. She starts sucking away on those sexy slutty toes getting her pussy wetter with each and every minute of anticipation. Her pussy aches to be filled by his thick cock, filling her up with every inch of his dick. He goes right for her feet like a good foot fetish student as he sucks on her toes and feels her sexy feet deep in his mouth, pushing closer and closer to penetrate her deep in her asshole. He gets his hard cock in her tight wet pussy before pummeling her and pleasing her with super hot anal sex, all while tasting and enjoying her delicious feet in his mouth, sucking on every inch of her toes, sliding his tongue up and down the side of her gorgeous arches, having the greatest foot fetish fantasy any foot fetishist could imagine. She even sucks on her sexy toes herself as he fucks her from every angle he can dream of. When this naughty employee can’t take it anymore, he shoots his big fat load all over her sexy dominating feet. She certainly took out her horny aggression. This hot boss taught him a nasty foot lesson he’s sure to remember… Love Her Boobs video starring Alyssa Reece and Vince Karter. (Video duration: 41:57)

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