Post Workout Dare

Jennie Rose in Post Workout Dare

A person’s sex life is a private thing. It can be awkward for most people to ask about another’s bedroom secrets, but not for Jennie Rose (a.k.a. Jennie Rose Sins). The gorgeous Asian hottie is open-minded enough to ask her sister’s boyfriend about their sex life. Vince Karter is a little taken aback by the sudden questions of Jennie Rose. The curious hottie can’t help but inquire because she knows she is the fun one among her siblings, and Vince’s girlfriend is more of the shy type. Wanting to test out her sister’s boyfriend, Jennie Rose teases him to try taking a photo of him sniffing her shoes. Jennie Rose just finished working out, so the smell of sweat still lingers on her white sneakers. Their little talk takes a sudden turn when Jennie Rose starts massaging Vince’s crotch with her sexy feet. Vince grabs the naughty lady’s small feet. He admires Jennie Rose’s purple French toenail polish and the tattoo on her left foot before kissing every inch of her sexy feet. The horny man gives her girlfriend’s sister sensual foot worship, licking her soles and sucking her toes. Jennie returns the pleasure by giving Vince a footjob-blowjob-handjob combo. Vince continues sucking Jennie Rose’s cute toes while fucking her in the missionary. He excitedly eats out the Asian babe’s juicy pussy before fucking her in prone bone. Jennie Rose can feel Vince’s dick digging deep inside her pussy as he thrusts it into her with all his might. Jennie Rose rides on top of her sister’s boyfriend in the reverse cowgirl before letting him fuck her doggystyle. Vince facefucks the naughty hottie while keeping up with the sensual foot worship. Moans of pleasure fill the room as Jennie Rose rides Vince in the soles-up cowgirl until the man feels like cumming. Jennie Rose gives Vince a footjob until he shoots his warm and sticky load all over the beautiful slut’s sexy feet. Love Her Boobs video starring Jennie Rose (a.k.a. Jennie Rose Sins) and Vince Karter. (Video duration: 47:44)

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