Bad Bad Girl

Sandralyd in Bad Bad Girl

Sandralyd has a massive crush on her stepfather. Her mother is far too busy with her career to pay attention to the wonderful man she has at home. When her mom is away for a weekend, she decides to try and seduce him. The problem is that she is such a good girl and so shy that she really has no clue how to flirt. Despite her short skirt, he ignores her advances and sends her to school. When she comes home with failing grades, she begs her stepfather not to tell her mother. As she throws herself across his lap, her skirt rides up over her ass. Hoping he will punish her, she is disappointed when he does not pay attention at all. No matter what she does, he still can’t see her as a grown woman. Desperate now she steals her mother’s makeup and finds some clothes in a special drawer. If he can’t see her as grown up the way she is, then she will change. Looking at herself in the mirror, she cannot believe how she has transferred from an innocent good girl into a sex-crazed slut. This time her stepfather is unable to resist. Seeing her dressed that way on his bed, he is overcome with a desire that more than matches her own. He pulls out his cock and slips it right into her throat. If she wants to play grown-up games, he is going to show her what dressing like this can get her. He pulls her on top and lets her weight pull her all the way down on him. Fucking in mommy’s bed feels better than she could have imagined. He decides to show her something even her mother won’t do for him. His cock feels huge in her ass, but she isn’t about to stop now. He feels him pull out and shoot all over her face. When mommy left, she was a perfect princess, but when she returns home, Sadralyd will be the slut of the house. (Video duration: 46:39)

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