You Have A Friend In Me

Matty and Tiffany Tatum in You Have A Friend In Me

Having a friend who understands you is truly a blessing. Matty (a.k.a. Matty Mila Perez) goes to her friend, Tiffany Tatum, and tells her about her problem with her husband. Matty is a brunette babe who has a foot fetish. However, her husband does not cater to her needs. Tiffany, a blonde hottie, listens to her buddy’s complaints with an open mind. The two lovely beauties sit face-to-face on the couch while talking. After hearing about the stunning brunette’s predicament, the gorgeous blonde decides to help her out. Tiffany can only aid Matty with her pent-up frustration by fulfilling her naughty fantasy. The brunette’s husband doesn’t know what he’s missing. Tiffany compliments Matty’s lovely feet. She is wearing gold-colored high heels, and her toes are decorated with coral pink nail polish, the same shade as her dress. The blonde hottie can’t help but worship her friend’s feet and starts kissing them. One woman licks the other’s digits like they’re the tastiest dessert she’s ever had. Seeing the beauty eagerly shrimp her toes, Matty can’t resist the urge to do the same for Tiffany’s light pink polished toes. The horny beauties alternately suck on each other’s feet until they’re both wet and aroused. Tiffany and Matty end up engaging in a lewd activity that starts with a married woman venting her disappointment about her husband. Matty starts stripping off her clothes. Tiffany does the same with the white dress she’s wearing. Both of their heels are already on the floor, too. The tattooed babes just can’t get enough of one another. They take turns licking each other’s trimmed and shaved pussies and shrimping each other’s toes. After that, Tiffany wears a strap-on, and Matty delivers a sensual footjob to it. The inked brunette then rides the toy in reverse cowgirl until she orgasms. To help the blonde hottie finish, Matty rubs her toes against her clit. She does not stop until her friend reaches her climax. Love Her Boobs video starring Matty (a.k.a. Matty Mila Perez) and Tiffany Tatum. (Video duration: 30:41)

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