Under The Stars

Zazie Skymm and Angelika Grays with Clemence Audiard in Under The Stars

Three stepsisters lead very different lives. Despite their differences, they live together uniquely and harmoniously.They were usually busy with their own lives, but one fateful day, they found themselves at home together when theyreceived a strange text message. As they watched the news, they learned about an impending asteroid that was on acollision course with Earth. Zazie Skymm, the most serious and studious of the step-sisters, took the news to heart and tried to alert her two step-sisters to thedanger. However, they didn’t take her warnings seriously and instead made fun of her concerns. Angelika Grays, thecarefree and social one, decided to attend a party and even posted on social media about Zazie’s supposed paranoia.Meanwhile, Zazie felt increasingly uneasy and tried to reach their mother for guidance, but received no response. Theother step-sister, Clemence Audiard, had mixed feelings about the situation. She attempted to connect with her girlfriend forcomfort, but she couldn’t reach her either. As the tension in the house grew, Zazie and Clemence eventually came together in the living room to discuss theimpending disaster, and their fear and depression intensified. They eventually urged Angelika to return home, andreluctantly, she did so. However, deep down, she still believed her step-sisters were overreacting and didn’t want theirfears to get in the way of her making a sensational news story.Upon Angelika’s return, she initiated a conversation with her step-sisters. Suddenly, the asteroid’s approach began tocreate eerie noises, which triggered a sense of impending doom and made the step-sisters to confront the reality of theirmortality. The once-dismissive and trivial conflicts between the step-sisters melted away, as they now faced their imminentfate. As each step-sister grappled with the inevitability of their demise, Zazie’s reaction took an unexpected turn, as she yearnedfor intimacy and love amidst the fear and uncertainty. In this surreal and terrifying moment, the step-sisters soughtsolace in each other, desiring to share one last, tender connection before the end. MixedX video starring Zazie Skymm, Angelika Grays and Clemence Audiard. (Video duration: 37:43)

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