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Natalie Grace in The Trap Breakfast  | VirtualRealPorn

Your girlfriend Natalie Grace brings you breakfast in bed. She has a tray with some food, coffee and orange juice. When she takes the glass of juice and she tries to give it to you, she drops some liquid on your hard penis. She laughs a bit, but then she tries to dry it with some napkins. As she cannot, she says: “Ohh I think that I am the one who is going to have breakfast”. So, she licks your cock, cleaning the mess. But she is still hungry and wants to play. She takes the bowl of strawberries with cream and puts some of it on your dick, so she can lick it directly from you. She gives you a blowjob sticking your cock in her mouth. But she turns on so much, so she wants to fuck you. She jumps on you and rides you while you see how your cock gets into her. You both do different positions: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy… and she can’t help to moan because you cock inside of her is giving her deep pleasure. At the end, she masturbates you until you cum all over her body. VR Porn video starring Michael Fly and Natalie Grace. (Video duration: 35:53 min)

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