The Immortal Gift

Nata Ocean and Marina Gold with Cherry Candle in The Immortal Gift

Marina Gold and Cherry had forged a strong friendship, leading Marina to propose a double date with their respective partners,Clemence and Nata Gold. Unbeknownst to them, their supposedly human partners bore a dark secret–they were vampires. As Marina and Clemence Audiard busily prepared a dinner to welcome their guests,the stage was set for a fateful evening. Upon Cherry Candle and Nata’s arrival,an electric tension filled the room as the vampires immediately sensed each other’s presence. Desperate to conceal their true nature from their beloveds, they struggled to maintain composure.However, as the night unfolded, the delicate balance gave way to a heated conflict, culminating in a life-altering decision as the vampires chose to bestow the gift of immortality upon theirunsuspecting lovers. MixedX video starring Nata Ocean, Marina Gold, Cherry Candle and Clemence Audiard. (Video duration: 31:35)

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