Tera Winters Has FeetFix

Tera Winters in Tera Winters Has FeetFix

Taking good photos can be a tiring process, especially when modeling and providing sizzling content is what one does for a living. Tera Winters is a hardworking babe, but sometimes, she needs help. After taking a few pics of her pedicured feet clad in white heels at the gazebo, the blonde bombshell welcomes Milan, the photographer she’s hired for the day, who has a foot fetish. Everything starts innocently, with the duo creating content centered around Tera’s dainty feet, highlighting their slimness, the ankle bracelet on her left leg, and the tattoo on her right foot. They make small talk, and Milan suggests removing her shoes, making her wiggle her digits for the camera, and making him hard in the process– a thing that does not go unnoticed. Turned on by the sight and the potential sexual adventure the situation entails, Tera allows the bearded stud to worship her feet. She watches with lust and wonder in her eyes as he savors the natural smell of her soles and eagerly sucks on her white nail-polished toes. The slender sex kitten decides to take videos and pictures as her lover licks the arches and continues to suckle on her digits, which are adorned with rings. Needing a bit of privacy, Tera and Milan decide to move their raunchy activities indoors. Now in the comforts of the living room, the tattooed model delivers a blowjob while her feet are wrapped around the hard cock, sucking on the tip and using her hands to stroke him too. Milan surprises her by licking her armpits before facefucking and giving her a rimjob, knowing she’ll need to be prepped for what’s to happen next. Stripping her shorts, Tera moans in delight as the handsome photographer slides his thick cock into her shaved pussy in spoons. They continue to fuck, from reverse cowgirl and doggystyle to cowgirl and missionary, as she uses the soft soles of her feet to give him a footjob and her mouth for a rimjob in between changing positions. Nearing his climax, Milan pulls out and lets Tera use her feet to stroke his cock until he cums and spills onto her small tits, stomach, and the bridge of her feet. CHECK OUT TERA WINTERS’ FEETFIX PROFILE: https://feetfix.com/terawinters Love Her Boobs video starring Tera Winters and Milan Ponjevic. (Video duration: 02:16)

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