Take Me Out Or Just Take Me

Fiona Sprouts in Take Me Out Or Just Take Me

Fiona Sprouts VR has fallen on hard times. She lost her job and her apartment. With no place to go and unwilling to ask her parents for help, she shows up at her stepbrother’s place. He lives with his girlfriend who is not too happy. Fiona promises that it will only be for a short while and that she will be so quiet his girlfriend won’t even notice she is around. That proves to be more difficult than she thought when the loneliness and boredom set in. When Fiona hears that the couple plan to attend a party, she begs her stepbrother to take her with them. When he refuses, she decides to show him the outfit she bought. Changing into the revealing clothes she notices him staring at her. She has always thought he might have a crush on her and when she sees his cock grow hard in his pants, her thoughts are confirmed. She grabs his dick and tells him that she has always wanted him. He can’t believe what she is saying as she starts sucking him off. In this VR porn episode, he gets her so wet that she starts begging him to fuck her from behind. It is a fantasy come true for her as he fills her with deep thrusts. She is so much hotter than his girlfriend and a much better fuck. As she rides his meat, she doesn’t care if she goes to the party or not. As long as he keeps fucking her, she is happy. He gets close and she gets on her knees to take his cum in her mouth. He is ready to let her stay as long as she wants. (Video duration: 45 min)

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