Sweet Feet Deal

Ryan Keely in Sweet Feet Deal

Ryan has just received the amazing news that her company has sold for over $200 million. She finally made it and is cashing out. She calls over the CEO of her company to discuss and celebrate. By there’s a snag when Chad tells her he expected $100 million, not $20 million. He’s upset and she’s not sure how to console him. And make it right. Then, she gets an idea. She throws her feet and legs up on the table and kicks off her high heels. She’s seen how he looks at her feet during all their meetings together. She offers to give him an extra 5% of the money plus let him enjoy her beautiful feet. Chad is ecstatic and cannot believe he’s going to get to touch and caress her sexy feet. He begins by kissing and licking her feet and savoring it all, sucking her toes. Then she gives Chad an intense and amazing foot job like he’s never had before. Those perfect feet sliding up and down his big cock shaft. He fucks her from behind doggystyle while her sexy feet shake and she moans. Her big tits shake and she can barely stand it as he fingers her clit with his cock inside her. Chad finally blows a huge load of thick cum all over her gorgeous feet. It’s just what she has always wanted and is a perfect way to end the sweet deal of a lifetime. Love Her Boobs video starring Ryan Keely and Chad White. (Video duration: 39:18)

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