St. Valentine's Family Party

Melody Marks and Charlie Forde in St. Valentine's Family Party

This Valentine’s Day is gonna be a big deal for Melody Marks and her stepbro. They’re all hyped to hang out with their new crushes. But there’s always stuff that could mess up the vibe. Luckily, their cool stepparents show up at just the right moment. They’re quick to notice that Melody and her stepbro might be heading for a disaster with their looks. So, they step in and swap out Melody’s wild outfit for something more chill, thanks to stepmom Charlie Forde‘s tight dress and stepdad’s slick suit for her stepbro. Now they’re both looking sharp and ready to roll. But looking good is just part of the game. That’s why the stepparents wanna give these two a crash course in art of dancing. Gotta have all the moves for a killer date night, right? During the dance, stepdad kisses his wife, and stepson accidentally kisses his stepsister. Despite this awkward moment, stepdad decides to take the lesson to the next step and swap partners. He starts dancing with his stepdaughter and hands her one beautiful rose. Excited Melody thanks her stepfather, who gives another rose to his stepson so he could show his appreciation to the stepmomy. The beautiful MILF touches the bulge in the guy’s pants, hinting to Melody that there is a better way to thank her partner. Clever girl understands that she finally has an opportunity to demonstrate her true passion. She slowly takes off stepfather’s pants, licks the tip of his dick, and begins to suck it gently. Stepmom also wants to feel stepson’s cock deep in her throat. After a couple minutes of intense cock caressing, the process turns into rough foursome fuck, until the moment stepdad and stepson fill Melody and Charlie’s mouths with powerful charges of jizz. What a day! Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Melody Marks and Charlie Forde. (Video duration: 41:58)

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