Special Match

Mary Popiense in Special Match

Mary Popiense has always been a good student. She thought that classes at University would be easy. Instead of studying, she has spent her time at parties and becoming very popular with the guys on campus. Though she has had a blast, her grades are suffering and she is called into her Professor’s office. He tells her that her grades are so poor that her future at the school is in jeopardy. In this dark VR porn episode, she makes him a bet over a game of mini-golf. If she wins, she gets to stay in school. If he wins, she will have to leave. She is pretty good at the game but hopes to distract him by bending over and showing him what is under her skirt. When her plan doesn’t work, she has to come up with some other way to win the bet. Sitting in the path of the ball on his final putt, she pulls aside her panties and offers him her holes if he will give her another chance. He quickly decides that keeping her around and fucking her is a lot better than watching VR porn movies alone. Stories of Mary’s cock sucking skills were well known around campus and he is thrilled to discover that they have not been exaggerated. Since he has her ready to do anything to stay in school, the professor turns her around and slides into her tight wet pussy. She has fucked a lot of guys on campus, but never a member of the faculty. The feel of his dick and of being naughty makes her want to cum as he grabs her by the throat. Fucking him is so much more fun than studying. As he thrusts into her mouth and floods it with his jizz, she knows that her grades will be just fine from now on. (Video duration: 41 min)

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