Sharing Can Be Fun

Kyler Quinn in Sharing Can Be Fun

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Let’s jump right into the fun of this Classics update. Initially released on August 6th, 2021, as part of our Sis Loves Me series, this scene is an absolute banger and a certified Classic. Starring the always-fantastic Kyler Quinn, this scene was an instant hit and remains a fan favorite. In this scene, Kyler and Nicky are stepsiblings on vacation with their family. When Kyler and Nicky learn they’ll have to share a bed, they’re both pretty up in arms. Nicky isn’t going to sleep on the floor, and Kyler isn’t going to share a bed with her stepbrother. They bicker and squabble until Nicky has Kyler pinned on the bed, and they realize they are suddenly in a very intimate and intense situation. Nicky rubs his stepsister’s tits and moves his way down to her pussy. He pulls her shorts off and starts fingering Kyler. She’s incredibly wet and turned on by the situation. So much so that she forgets Nicky is her stepbrother. When she does remember, she makes them stop immediately. Kyler wants to keep going, but she knows the situation is too fucked up to see all the way through. But for the next few days, neither Nicky nor Kyler can stop thinking about what happened. They’re both desperate to feel each other’s touch again. Kyler fantasizes about Nicky’s cock, as she didn’t get to have any fun with it during their little fling. Feeling bold, Nicky decides to initiate the first move. While Kyler gets into her bathing suit in the bathroom, Nicky admits to Kyler that they should mess around again. Kyler says it’s a bad idea, but her wet pussy says otherwise. She wants Nicky’s cock, and just the thought of them messing around turns her on. Unable to resist, Kyler gets on her knees, pulls Nicky’s cock out, and starts blowing him. Getting a blowjob from his stepsister feels out of this world good for Nicky. The sexual tension that has been mounting between them is beginning to release, but before Nicky can cum, they hear the rest of the stepfamily coming home and need to end their session. Later, it’s Kyler who makes the first move. She invites Nicky to snuggle in bed and lets him caress her. She’s already wet, and Nicky’s cock slides into her pussy easily. Kyler and Nicky can’t believe they’re actually fucking, and both know how wrong the entire situation is. But it’s too good to give up on. Nicky’s cock feels like it was made for Kyler’s pussy, and the two fuck hard and passionately until Nicky can’t hold his load any longer. Kyler wants to taste Nicky’s cum, and she wants to feel him bust all over her face. She cradles his balls and jerks him off with her mouth open until he shoots out a big load of jizz. Tasting her stepbrother’s cum just feels right, and sharing a bed during vacation might be fun after all.

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