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Savana Ginger in Scoreland Member Features

Savana Ginger is the sister of Havana Ginger. Porn star sisters. Savana came to the SCORE building and flashed her credentials: two 40-inch twins with massive sand dollar-sized areolae. It’s like 50% of her breasts is areolae. This is very unique, and it’s enough to make us roll out the welcome mat and set up a show. Seeking a pole position at one of the local clubs near SCORE HQ, Savana auditions for club boss Tony. An excellent pole swinger, tit-shaker and booty twerker, Savana easily secures a position as one of Tony’s pole girls at the club. Anyone who can shake her tits and work her ass like that has no worries about employment. Not one to hold back, Savana shows Tony that she can climb the ladder of success at his club. She has her special moves and she’ll demonstrate on him. Sucking his pocket pole with her deep-throat blow job is one of those skills. Savana slides up and down the pole until his meat meter goes ka-blooey and he busts a nut on her face. … Big Boobs video featuring: Savana Ginger, Tony D’Sergio. (Video duration: 25:15)

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