Say Hello To My Friend

Aria Carson and Zlata Shine in Say Hello To My Friend

You were not too happy to hear that your girlfriend was getting a new roommate. It has been really nice to come over and have the apartment to yourselves where you can watch hot VR taboo movies together. You aren’t exactly looking forward to sharing the space with another person. At least until you show up and Aria Carson introduces you to her new roommate Zlata Shine. They greet you at the door to her bedroom in lingerie. Zlata is a lesbian and a gorgeous one at that. It seems they have already hit it off and were waiting for you before actually doing what they both want. No touching for you of course, but you can watch and play with yourself while they get to know one another. That sounds like a perfect idea to you. The girls turn around to show you their asses. Zlata is taller than your girl and bounces her big ass. Petite and cute, Aria seems impressed by her new friend’s curves. They help each other out of their clothes, touching one another, caressing smooth skin, perky breasts and firm ass cheeks. Standing side by side, they watch you stare at them with lust. They encourage you to take out your cock and love how hard it is from watching them. Both women start to touch their pussies, rubbing their fingers on wet lips and sliding them into warm, aching holes. Both act like professional VR porn models. Aria can see how much you like her new friend and instead of being jealous she smiles and lets you know she agrees. Zlata is hot. So hot that she is going to take her to bed on a regular basis. VR porn featuring: Aria Carson, Zlata Shine. (Video duration: 10 min)

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