Same Fit, Same Fetish

Freya Parker and Octavia Red in Same Fit, Same Fetish

Shopping online can be quite bothersome because one can’t know if the real product’s color, design, and size will fit them well. Octavia Red is scrolling through her phone and choosing some shoes. The blonde babe in a grey top and black skirt stumbles upon cute pink heels that seem familiar before remembering her roommate Freya Parker having the exact same pair and going looking for them. The tattooed beauty tries the footwear on and likes how it fits her. Freya walks into the room as the other lady is admiring the heels on her feet. Octavia quickly apologizes to her brunette friend, explaining that she just wants to know if the pair will look good on her. Love Her Boobs video starring Freya Parker and Octavia Red. (Video duration: 46:43)

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