Queen For The Day's 1st BBG

Renee Rose in Queen For The Day's 1st BBG

Timid 20-year-old newcomer Renee Rose makes her HussiePass debut here today, and once again, Brian Omally tapped James Angel to be his wingman in her 1st ever BBG/MMF Threesome! Director Johnny Robins starts things off by interviewing the freckle-faced looker, followed by Renee removing her bra and panties so that she can warm up her very meaty vag, 1st digitally and then with a large translucent rubber DONG! Brian and James enter the scene with some lube for Renee’s perky B-cup breasts and taut little ass, which she does twerk for us. Renee then gets on her knees in between Brian and James for the court-mandated Row Row Row Your Boat double blowjob that is required in all BBG/MMF scenes (Google it!). From then on, it’s just a mess of flesh with cock-sucking, footjobs, cunnilingus, choking, slapping, spitting, and, of course, Brian and James hammer-fucking Renee. For the grand finale, Brian and James crown Renee before they each cum on her pretty little face. We observed Renee and James in the shower after for some post-scene fun… Until Next Time! {{HUGS}}Greenguy Hussiepass video featuring: Brian Omally, James Angel, Renee Rose. (Video duration: 52:19)

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