Put Yourself In My Shoes

Rissa May in Put Yourself In My Shoes

The best person to ask for opinions is from someone knowledgeable. Rissa May is walking around the house when she spots her sister’s boyfriend, Milan, drinking coffee in the kitchen. The gorgeous brunette in a skimpy dress asks the man to help her choose what shoes to wear. She lets him look at her black stilettos and light purple high heels. Milan can’t hide how much he loves the situation, and Rissa teases him for it. The naughty guy compliments the beauty’s feet and keeps staring at them. Still, he doesn’t forget about the favor she asked of him. The dashing stud eventually chooses the black heels, saying they’re more elegant on Rissa. Seeing the longing in the man’s eyes, Rissa places her foot between his thighs. This action flusters Milan, especially since it’s his girl’s sister who’s making a move on him. However, when he gets the hottie’s permission to touch her sexy feet, all reasons fly out the window. Milan takes off the brunette babe’s shoes and starts smelling and kissing her feet. He then shrimps her lovely milky white polished toes, his slick tongue dancing between her digits. After that, the lady with big tits delivers a footjob, blowjob, and rim job to the horny stud’s throbbing cock and tight hole. Their foreplay continues with Milan facefucking, rimming, and licking Rissa’s shaved pussy. When Rissa’s hole and Milan’s cock are ready, the couple proceeds to fuck in missionary. The man’s hard pounding makes the busty beauty moan in pleasure. After that, the lady rides her sister’s man’s hard rod in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The ecstasy makes them want more. Milan continues to pound the hottie’s wet pussy in doggystyle and spooning until he’s almost at his climax. When he pulls out, Rissa gives his stiff dick a footjob-handjob combo until he cums. Milan’s thick jizz shots all over his thigh and on the couch. Love Her Boobs video starring Rissa May and Milan Ponjevic. (Video duration: 50:11)

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