Prep for New Pedi

Lovita Fate in Prep for New Pedi

Sometimes, employees need to go to their office to do work, even if it’s out of their schedule. Lovita Fate is normally like that. However, she can’t heed her employer’s demand today. She has an appointment for her toenails, so she has no intention of going to the office. Lovita’s workload is already finished. She is just waiting for Lutro to come and pick her up. Luckily for Lovita, her boss is very understanding. He doesn’t care whether she will come to the office or not as long as she is done with her work. While Lovita is still talking on the phone, Lutro comes into the room. With Lovita’s command, Lutro starts giving her the foot worship she desires. The horny lad licks Lovita’s soles before sucking her toes. Unable to control her lust, Lovita hung up the phone to focus her attention on Lutro. The handsome bloke continues admiring Lovita’s sexy feet using his lips and tongue. Lovita’s black toenail polish looks great against the salt & pepper beard of the horny gentleman. After the sensual foot worship, Lucho presses his hard dick against Lovita’s sexy feet. He then gives the beautiful blonde with natural tits the pussy licking she deserves. After enjoying the slender babe’s juicy pussy, Lutro sticks his cock into her vagina without hesitation. He continues shrimping Lovita’s feet while fucking her in missionary. Lovita can’t help but moan in delight as she rides Lutro’s dick in the reverse cowgirl. Lutro tirelessly slides his cock in and out of Lovita’s pussy while she bends over on the couch. After a few more thrusts, the horny duo changes their position from doggystyle to soles-up cowgirl. Lovita can feel Lutro’s dick stretching out her shaved pussy while he fucks her in missionary. Lutro keeps pounding his cock into the naughty slut’s pussy before dumping his warm and sticky load all over Lovita’s sexy feet. Love Her Boobs video starring Lovita Fate and Lutro. (Video duration: 36:37)

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