Only The Two Of Us

Ohana Petite in Only The Two Of Us

When Ohana Petite, a young VR pornstar, invited her boyfriend to stay at her parents’ home for the weekend, she was very specific. Her parents are very strict and the rules had to be followed carefully. They cannot sleep in the same room and sexual contact would be absolutely forbidden. It seemed a fair trade and he didn’t want to upset them since their relationship has been going so well. You are fine with the rules for a few days until she pulls you into her room after her parents have gone to sleep. Ohana is dressed in sexy black lingerie that is see-through. It has been a few days since you have had sex and you are instantly turned on, but can’t do anything about it. Well, there is one thing you can do. You can watch her have fun by herself. You can even take your dick and stroke it, but be quiet. If anyone wakes up and catches you, there will be hell to pay. It is a big risk, but worth it, isn’t it? Don’t you want to see her VR porn strip? See her pretty naked body on the bed just waiting for you, for your big hard cock? Ohana loves teasing you and seeing your prick throb in your hands as you stroke to her. Without a word she slips out of her bra and then her panties, tugging on her stiff nipples and rubbing her sweet wet pussy. She is as turned on as you are, but knows you can’t risk fucking her. Not tonight. When you get home, she is going to ravage you, but for now, all either of you can do is masturbate furiously in silence. Until you both cum hard. (Video duration: 10 min)

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