Neighbours Turn Me On

Greta Foss in Neighbours Turn Me On

Greta Foss, armed with binoculars, becomes captivated by the scene unfolding in the building across the street. With a playful smile, she hints at the steamy activities of your neighbors, because the hot sex scene she is seeing is stoking her own desires. As she watches intently through the binoculars, the heat of the moment becomes palpable, her arousal evident because she starts to touch herself over the clothes. With a glance in your direction, Greta closes the distance between you, her desire expanding as she feels the hardness beneath your trousers. Dropping to her knees, Greta expertly takes your cock into her mouth, her movements make you feel an intense pleasure. After that, you start to have sex with her when she asks you to fuck her harder! And you do it in different positions while she moans: missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggy, cowgirl… You fuck her so nice that she comes with a huge explosion of pleasure. After that, she licks your dick, gives you another blowjob and masturbates you so you can cum in her mouth. VR Porn video starring Greta Foss and Michael Fly. (Video duration: 38:40 min)

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