Mommy Can Teach You

Jada Sparks and Kate Quinn in Mommy Can Teach You

Kate Quinn and her new stepbrother have teamed up to prepare a special celebration for Jada Sparks. Since her husband is out of town for a business trip related to the VR porn innovations, they know she needs something to take her mind off of being lonely. Jada comes home and is very appreciative of the flowers and the huge box they hand her. Her smile turns to a look of shock when she pulls out the huge dildo the naughty step-siblings have picked out for her. She has never seen such a big toy, even in her favourite VR porn movies. Kate tells Jada that they picked it out because they know she isn’t getting the real thing lately. She pretends to be offended but knows that Kate is right. Her husband hasn’t been fucking her and even when he does, he isn’t nearly as big as this massive toy. Kate jokingly starts to suck it, but Jada wants to show her how it’s done. Watching them playfully giving head to the rubber dong makes your real dick stiff. That is all Kate needs to see. She takes your dick in her mouth and shows Jada that she knows just what to do with a real cock. Too horny to care how wrong it is, Jada whips out her big tits and wraps them around her stepson’s cock while Kate licks the head. They are both eager to fuck but Kate goes first, getting him all lubed up with her pussy juice before letting Jada take a birthday ride. They take turns on your dick and you give them everything you’ve got. Kate knows how good you are and is happy to see you fuck Jada until she screams with orgasmic delight. Happy to share, they stroke you until you explode all over both of their faces. There will be no more sexual frustration at home for Jada, not since she knows what her stepson is packing. VR porn featuring: Jada Sparks and Kate Quinn. (Video duration: 44 min)

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