Meet My Best Friend

Liz Ocean and Ohana Petite in Meet My Best Friend

Your new job often takes you out of town, sometimes for a week at a time. You are quite lucky to have a girlfriend as understanding as Ohana Petite. She is very supportive even though she always lets you know how much she misses you when you are gone. At the end of a particularly long trip, you are looking forward to being alone with her. Your flight arrives early and you rush home to surprise her. In this VR porn episode, you are more than a little bit surprised to find her in bed, but not alone. Ohana is sleeping next to her best friend Liz Ocean. She tells you not to worry because this is all part of her way to welcome you home. They have been waiting and are both so horny. When you are away Ohana loves to watch VR porn movies and masturbate and she knows that you do too. This time you get to watch her play with herself and her sexy friend while you stroke. While not exactly the welcome home you were expecting, it is far too good to pass up. They watch you touch yourself while slowly getting naked. Ohana tells you how much she has missed you and how Liz has been keeping her company at night. Can’t you just imagine it? Your girl curled up naked next to her beautiful friend? But she was thinking of you the whole time and couldn’t wait to have you back home and in bed again. Seeing you stroke so fast makes them both a little horny. You won’t mind if they want to join you and masturbate together, will you? They love to snuggle up next to each other and touch themselves. So close to each other as their fingers slip in. But that’s OK, right? They are just friends. Unless you want them to be more. VR porn featuring: Liz Ocean, Ohana Petite. (Video duration: 9 min)

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