Love's Journey Through Grief

Tiffany Tatum and Mimi Cica with Mia Split in Love's Journey Through Grief

Our story revolves around a successful and confident woman and her struggles in her love life.Her wife passed away two years ago, leaving a stepdaughter they had raised together.Even after her death, Mimi Cica continues supporting her stepdaughter, a university student. Luckily, two years after this tragedy, love finds its way into Mimi Cica’s life,and she starts living together with Tiffany Tatum. Now, the three of them live under one roof.It’s evident that Mimi Cica has developed an emotional bond with Mia Split as she sees her former love in her.Although understanding of this connection, Tiffany constantly schemes to wedge herself between them,but only enough to ensure that Mia stays with them, taking advantage of Mimi Cica’s grieving process. Being a university student, Mia doesn’t earn much money and doesn’t want to be a burden on herstepmother. As a result, she secretly starts working as an erotic masseuse.One day, Tiffany sneaks into Mia’s room and reads her diary, discovering her secret.Tiffany secretly arranges a couples massage appointment under an alias, with Mia as the masseuse. MixedX video starring Tiffany Tatum, Mimi Cica and Mia Split. (Video duration: 36:05)

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