Join Me With My Besties

Aliska Dark and Bella Gray with Eva Barbie in Join Me With My Besties

When your girlfriend Eva Barbie asked you to come over to her place, you had a suspicion that it might be for something special. Your anniversary is coming up and she always manages to give you a sexy surprise for special occasions. When you arrive, you find her two best friends Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey) and Aliska Dark are already there. They are wearing cute little tank tops and tight shorts that make you blatantly stop and stare. Eva doesn’t mind, in fact she is happy to see that you are already enjoying your special VR porn treat. She has invited her friends over because she knows you like checking them out. No need to worry, she isn’t jealous. She wants you to know that they are more than just friends. That sometimes the girls play with each other. Yeah, she can tell you like hearing that. Maybe you would enjoy a VR porn demonstration? Just sit down and relax. Take your cock out if you want while Eva and her friends show you what they do when they are alone. They start by slowly teasing, shaking their asses and lifting their tops to show off their perky little breasts and stiff nipples. With her friends making her the centre of attention, Eva enjoys the feel of their hands and tongues on her exposed flesh. Their eyes keep glancing over at you as you stroke your cock and watch the three lovely young women play with each other. Seeing that you are close, they take turns spreading their thighs wide and fingering their pussies. Which one is going to make you bust your nut? Can you hold out for your girl? Or will one of her friends push you over the edge? Anyway it happens, you are very happy with your surprise. VR porn featuring: Aliska Dark, Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey) and Eva Barbie. (Video duration: 19 min)

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