JOI Foot Tease with Slimthick Vic

Vic Marie in JOI Foot Tease with Slimthick Vic

There are no secrets between best friends, especially if they are as close as Vic Marie (a.k.a. Slimthick Vic) and her bestie. The gorgeous blonde with striking blue eyes hears from her bestie that her boyfriend has a thing for feet. Wanting to experience it herself, Vic Marie (a.k.a. Slimthick Vic) goes straight to her best friend’s boyfriend. The beautiful blonde sits on the couch with her legs stretched out. Her chromatic purple strapless stiletto sandals perfectly match her brown leather skirt and white tank top. Vic Marie (a.k.a. Slimthick Vic) teasingly takes off her high heels and lets the lucky man have a sniff of her feet’s lingering scent. Vic Marie (a.k.a. Slimthick Vic) spreads her toes. Her gorgeous white-tipped toenail polish gives additional beauty and allure to her already tasty-looking toes. Just imagine the delight of watching this beautiful blonde receive the toe-sucking she deserves. Vic Marie (a.k.a. Slimthick Vic) bends over on the couch and makes her butt pop out. The sight of her peeking pink panties, combined with her sexy feet, will surely make any man want to give her the best foot worship and pussy licking she could ever experience. Think of the intense sensation of looking at this horny lady giving a footjob. Her smooth soles and cute toes will make a man cum within minutes. The beautiful hottie sits on the couch with her legs resting on a chair. Her desire to experience a passionate sole-licking and toe-sucking is apparent in her blue eyes. Vic Marie (a.k.a. Slimthick Vic) continues with the thrilling teasing. She has no plans on stopping until her bestie’s boyfriend finally shows her his foot worship skills. The only thing running through Slimthick’s mind at the moment is the delight she will feel once she feels the man’s tongue rubbing against her soles. She also desires to put a throbbing dick between her soles and stroke it hard until he gives her the warm and sticky cream she craves. (Video duration: 11:32)

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