JOI Foot Tease with Molly Little

Molly Little in JOI Foot Tease with Molly Little

With summer at its peak, Molly Little has nothing much to do other than sit around and look pretty. Usually, this petite darling would be out and about with her friends, but she chose to stay in for the day and give herself a fresh pedicure. She chose to do a French tip, a simple yet elegant style that perfectly suits her dainty feet. Molly is fond of wearing open-toed shoes and sandals, so her toes must look pleasing to the eyes. She might not admit it, but this cute babe has a foot fetish too. In her bedroom, she lounges on the plush gray chair, clad in a pink crop top and denim shorts, while scrolling through her phone, letting her pedicure completely dry. Molly is totally relaxed and proud of the mini-foot pampering she has done, even wiggling her long toes to show them off despite being alone. The blonde babe continues to admire her work, bending her legs to reach her soles and heels, caressing them slowly and sensually as her naughty mind begins to wander. Putting the phone down, Molly puts her whole attention on her feet and toes as she slides her hands up and down the ankles. Moving onto the bed and positioning herself on all fours, the hem of her short denim shorts rides up her firm ass in an enticing manner while showing off her foot arches and wrinkled soles. Molly plays around, thinking of how she can tease a lover or how they would worship her feet because she deserves all the attention instead. The slim temptress rubs the soles together, picturing a hard cock sliding between them during a sensual footjob or maybe delivering a sloppy footjob-blowjob combo too. While spreading her toes, Molly wonders if her man would end up spilling his hot load on and in between them before she sucked each one clean. This idea earns a smile to grace her adorable face, and she looks forward to the day when it’ll become reality. (Video duration: 09:11)

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