JOI Foot Tease With Lacey London and Cecilia Taylor

Lacey London and Cecelia Taylor in JOI Foot Tease With Lacey London and Cecilia Taylor

A woman who enjoys having her feet worshipped by a man is hard to find, but how lucky would one be if there were two? Lacey London and Cecelia Taylor (a.k.a. Cecilia Taylor) are the type of babes who adore a gentleman’s full attention directed at their soles, toes, and arches. Dressed in fairly modest lingerie in hues of pink, the slender sweethearts wiggle their pedicured digits in hopes of catching a foot-loving man’s eye. Lacey and Cecilia don’t seem to have any problems with the thought of sharing a partner between them. It won’t even come out as surprising if said man considers himself to be lucky to share a moment with such gorgeous ladies. After introducing themselves, it is palpable in the air the sensual tension brewing between the dark-haired and blonde darlings. Just laying eyes on Lacey and Cecilia’s perky tits and long legs, men are itching to have their hands explore every inch. Lacey is sporting fuchsia nail polish on her toes, while Cecilia chose baby pink. The naughty gals slide their hands along their body, hoping to put on a teasing sight for a potential lover to get hard on. The pads of their feet are slightly dirty, like the words falling from their lips, and inviting enough for a tongue and mouth to shower them with licks and sucks. Cecilia even mentions how they would love for a man to smell their sweaty feet, to savor the natural scent before continuing to worship their soles. Lacey is visibly eager to use her delicate feet for a footjob, even voicing out her fantasy to anyone who cares to listen. The delectable duo continue their mischievous actions, positioning themselves on their bellies and swaying their feet in the air as if offering them for sensual activities. Lacey and Cecilia would definitely enjoy having their soles and arches covered with a man’s fresh load of cum. Love Her Boobs video starring Cecelia Taylor (a.k.a. Cecilia Taylor) and Lacey London. (Video duration: 07:49)

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