JOI Foot Tease with Gal Ritchie

Gal Ritchie in JOI Foot Tease with Gal Ritchie

Any man would fall for a woman who has the curves in the right places and a charming smile. However, Gal Ritchie has an extra quality to flaunt as she possesses dainty feet that do a great job of giving footjobs and teasing. The dreamboat starts by letting her eyes do the talking, begging for some attention from a handsome man. The busty brunette’s hands begin to gently stroke her big tits while letting her dirty talking set the mood. With one leg up, Gal caresses her clean feet, tracing the inviting curves in between her toes. Fondling each of her digits, all she can imagine is running them across a massive cock. While clad in a dark jumpsuit, Gal sends lust-filled stares to her imaginary lover while her hand wanders around her heel and sole. Looking over her clean and slightly pinkish soles, anyone wouldn’t avoid picturing it as getting covered in spit or wrapped around a cock. The sexy arches of the stunner’s feet make it a perfect tool for footjobs, shrimping, and foot worship. Gal suddenly changes position, bending over to show her plump ass. While sticking out her behind, the chesty delight begins to subtly move up and down while stroking the delectable shape of it. Gal Ritchie certainly knows how to stir a man’s lewd imagination. As a matter of fact, this horny lady starts to wriggle her freshly pedicured toes while forming slight wrinkles on her soles. Without a doubt, any foot-loving man would come running to ravish her feet. After that, Gal self-sucks her foot, licking and sucking her toes to cover it with her spit. Despite being wet, the nasty vixen didn’t stop worshipping her foot, imagining it to be done by a bonny hunk. Inarguably, Gal Ritchie has an unexplainable beauty and sexiness that can make any man cum. (Video duration: 11:33)

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