JOI Foot Tease with Brittany Andrews and Victoria Zdrok

Brittany Andrews and Victoria Zdrok in JOI Foot Tease with Brittany Andrews and Victoria Zdrok

Good friends often share the same interests. Brittany Andrews and Victoria Zdrok are the perfect examples. Not only do they sport the same hairstyle, but they also have the same fetish for feet. The blonde MILFs are enjoying the lovely breeze outdoors in nothing but their underwear. Their big tits are free from any restraints, and their bare feet are leisurely playing with the grass. With how horny they are, there’s nothing stopping them from seducing a man into worshiping their sexy feet and pounding their shaved pussies. As they rub their feet against the grass, the blonde beauties compliment each other’s feet. Both of them have wrinkled soles and sexy toes. Sparkly pink polish adorns Victoria’s toenails, while Brittany has bright red polish on hers. Their feet look perfectly fine and perfect for a sensual footjob. Anyone would love to give their toes a shrimping. Sucking their digits would surely make the MILFs happy and wet. The beauties lift their feet in the air and curl their toes while imagining a naughty man sucking their toes and licking their toes. Doing this turns the blonde bombshells on even more. Brittany asks if she can lick Victoria’s feet, and upon receiving permission, the hottie works her tongue on her friend’s feet, a scene that will surely make men jealous. They rub their feet against each other while making a lot of naughty suggestions. Not only are they good at teasing, but they also excel at dirty talking. After taking their undies off, they lift their feet in the air and make an up-and-down gesture, picturing a throbbing cock between their feet while they play with their clits. Brittany then squeezes Victoria’s foot between her massive tits and strokes it like she’s giving a titjob. The naughty MILF wants a man’s load on her friend’s foot so she can lick it clean. While she does that, Victoria also sucks the other hottie’s lovely toes. Love Her Boobs video starring Brittany Andrews and Victoria Zdrok. (Video duration: 08:17)

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