Interesting Occupation

Roxie Sinner in Interesting Occupation

It’s not every day one could meet an adult performer. Roxie Sinner is lucky she is living with one. As it turns out, her boyfriend’s son, Jay Romero, has been doing porn for quite some time. Unable to control her curiosity, the gorgeous babe with big tits and sexy feet talks with Jay. She finds Jay’s occupation interesting. It doesn’t take long before that interest turns into something more passionate. All the talking about sex and fetish turns on Roxie. Unable to control herself, Roxie starts teasing the lucky stud. She puts her sexy feet on Jay’s lap, flaunting the beauty of her cute toes adorned with French toenail polish. Seeing that her father’s girlfriend wants to experience the delight of fucking a professional, Jay immediately grabs Roxie’s sexy feet and starts worshipping them. He excitedly sucks Roxie’s toes and licks her feet. Jay slobbers on the sexy feet until they are visibly wet with his spit. Roxie gives Jay a quick footjob before sucking his dick. After the sloppy blowjob, Roxie gets on top of Jay and rides his cock in the soles up cowgirl. Roxie can’t help but moan in delight as she slides up and down the horny man’s stiff cock. Hearing Roxie’s soft moans motivate Jay to fuck her harder. He tirelessly slides his cock in and out of Roxie’s pussy doggystyle. Roxie’s big tits bounce hard with every thrust she receives in missionary. Jay fucks Roxie’s pussy with all his might while spooning with her on the couch. Roxie gives Jay a handjob-footjob combo while the lucky stud plays with her soft breasts. She then lies on her belly and lets Jay facefuck her until she gags. Jay continues shoving his dick into Roxie’s mouth until he feels like cumming. He then shoots out his warm and sticky load all over Roxie’s smooth and beautiful soles. Love Her Boobs video starring Roxie Sinner and Jay Romero. (Video duration: 45:11)

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