I Know How To Turn You On

Lizi Vogue in I Know How To Turn You On

Your younger stepsister Lizi Vogue VR grew up idolizing you. You were a few years ahead of her school and all you ever did was tease and pick on her. After high school, you went away to college overseas and haven’t been back home in a long time. In those years, Lizi grew up and at eighteen is not the same nerdy kid you used to pick on. She has plenty of boys at school after her and knows just how to get their attention. She decides to show you just how much she has changed. When you come home for a week of vacation she greets you in a pair of tight shorts and a crop-top shirt. You are speechless as you stare at her and she can tell right away that she has you right where she wants you. Turning around, she wiggles her hips enough to make her round ass jiggle. Your eyes are wide and your pants are getting tighter. You tormented her for so many years, but now it is her turn to taunt you in her personal VR porn show. Bending over slowly she sees you grab your cock through your pants and giggles when you let out a soft moan. Playing with you, she takes off her top, telling you that if you want the rest to come off, you have to pull your pants down and stroke your dick for your stepsister. You want to say no, but the throbbing in your pants is too intense. She slides her shorts down as you begin to pump your prick for her. Lizi loves the control she has now, guiding you, telling you when to speed up and when to slow down. She spreads her legs wide and tells you to go harder and faster while she fingers her pussy. You start to shoot and the thrill of victory pushes her into an intense orgasm. (Video duration: 12 min)

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