Hollywood Hills Foot Model

Delilah Day in Hollywood Hills Foot Model

“Nice to meet you…” Delilah coos in her see-though mesh top with her perky nipples popping through her top just barely hanging over her belly button piercing and long sultry legs peeking out through her tight jean shorts and sexy high heels. “Make yourself at home,” Jay tells her, as she snuggles up onto the couch, crossing her legs and heels one on top of the other, showing off her sexy high arches. When she tells Jay she is an aspiring foot model, he gasps in absolute admiration and delight. Her sexy feet and adorable toes are absolutely gorgeous as he tries to work his way through telling her the price of the apartment. Unfortunately, it’s a little outside of her price range, despite it being in the Hollywood Hills. To save a little on rent, she shows him her sexy soft pink soles with scrunchy little pads under her glorious toes. He licks up between her soles to take each delectable toe into his mouth as he enjoys the taste of her pale toes and soft sexy feet. The slurping of the toes make him so hard he wants to take her from each and every angle. Giving him a foot job with those perfectly pedicured pink toes is a dream come true for Jay as he expertly slides in his cock to please this sexy little foot model. She shows off her sexy feet dangling high from his shoulders, Crossing her feet to show off her sexy pink soles as he slides in his cock into her tight wet young pussy, he feels her slutty young body on his feeling so good. She moans like a perfect little foot model and shows off her scrunched soles for him to shoot his dirty cum load onto each little tiny wrinkle of her sweet sexy soles, making the perfect little foot pussy for him to cover with cum… Love Her Boobs video starring Delilah Day and Jay Romero. (Video duration: 39:58)

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